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Time Management in College

Time Management in College

 I couldn’t wait to go to college and gain independence. But my experience has taught me that living by oneself can be very distracting. You might find yourself being unable to manage your time efficiently. I remember whiling away a lot of time in my freshman year, following which I made changes in my daily schedule. Here are some time-saving tips that I have learnt and practised.

#1 Put a Time Limit

Control your Netflix and Instagram time by putting a time limit on tasks. Checking your time will help you control distractions and focus more on productivity.

#2 Make a To-do List

Keeping a list of all you have to achieve will save you time and help you complete all your tasks in order. Staying organized will keep you from wondering whether you’re missing something. As a bonus, you can give yourself a treat after you check something off your list.

#3 Don’t Procrastinate

Always complete your assignments early. Procrastination will only lead to hurried work that might not be as good as you’d want it to be. Completing your assignments well before your deadline or submission date, will leave you with extra time to correct your mistakes.

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#4 Turn Off Social Media Notifications

To keep yourself from getting distracted, you should turn off your social media alerts and keep your phone out of reach.

#5 Schedule Email Response Time

 Take out time everyday to reply to emails so that you don’t miss out on anything important and are prompt with your replies. This will help you become more organized and you will find yourself not checking your inbox every other minute.

#6 Meditate Every Day

Taking some time to focus on and calm yourself will help you become more attentive and single-minded. Even a half an hour of meditation will give you more balance.


About the Author: 

Annoushqa Bobde is a junior at the University of California, Davis, majoring in Applied Mathematics. She is currently serving as a student senator for ASUCD. In her spare time, Annoushqa likes to learn different languages. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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