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Bespoke Research Program

Research is a valuable co-curricular activity that distinguishes your profile in front of university admissions officers. Our students experience a 92% acceptance rate into their Dream Universities. In the Bespoke Research Program, you work one-on-one with a top research mentor for about 10-16 weeks and explore your selected subject deeply to create a top-tier paper that can be published in top journals. And if you impress your research mentor with your knowledge, curiosity and work ethic, they may write a strong letter of recommendation.

Why Research Papers?

  • Prepare for rigorous academic
    environment at Ivy Leagues, Oxbridge and
    other top universities
  • Demonstrate academic excellence and curiosity beyond the classroom
  • Enhance critical thinking skills
  • Establish research proficiency
  • Build strong faculty relationship
  • Increase chances of scholarships

Scholarly Advantage

  • One-on-one sessions by Professors, PhD.’s and postdoctoral mentors
  • Flexibility to choose research subject and topic
  • Learn your favorite subject beyond the classroom
  • Publish high quality papers in International Journals
  • A chance to receive a Letter of recommendation

Program Structure

Initial Meeting – Introduction and general discussion with the mentor.

Session 1: Introduction to research methodologies and mentors research.
Session 2: Selection of the research topic that is relevant and interesting.
Session 3: Finalization of the research topic and scope.
Session 4 – 7: Data collection, simulations, literature review and initial submission.
Session 8: Review and feedback by mentor on the initial submission.
Session 9 – 10: Additional discussion and report enhancement.
Session 11:  Final report submission to research mentor.

Mentors from top-notch institutions.

University of Cambridge
University of Harward
University of Oxford
Imperial College London
The university of Chicago
University of Toronto
Trinity College Dublin
The University Edinburgh
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