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Get Admitted To Your Dream University – The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a public research university in the Australian state of Western Australia. UWA was established in 1911 by an act of the Parliament of Western Australia and began teaching students two years later. Because of its age and reputation, UWA is classed one of the “sandstone universities”, an informal designation given to the oldest university in each state. The university also belongs to several more formal groupings, including the Group of Eight and the Matariki Network of Universities.

The university’s main campus is in Perth, the state capital, with a secondary campus in Albany and various other facilities throughout the state. The main campus is home to 25,000 students, with more than 4,000 international students hailing from all over the world. The university consists of 24 schools, out which the most celebrated are:

  1. Business School
  2. Dental School
  3. Law School
  4. Medical School
  5. School of Design
  6. School of Engineering
  7. School of Humanities
  8. UWA School of Agriculture and Environment

Perth is the closest major Australian capital city to Asia, making it unique among international study destinations. It offers an unrivaled lifestyle with more than 8 hours of sunshine a day and easy transport options. Perth is also one of the most affordable destinations for students looking to study in Australia.


Whether a student is applying as a domestic or international student, understanding the criteria for admission is essential. For an international student, preparing to pursue an undergraduate degree there are two ways to apply:

Applying through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC form), which is available to domestic and international students. TISC is an online gateway to assess and process college applications in South Australia. It consists of five universities that are in Western Australia.

Directly applying to the university’s website through their undergraduate app form. This is the most common way of applying to Australian universities by international students.

UWA has two intakes: February and July. Students are allowed to apply for an undergraduate degree once they have completed grade XII. Unlike other geographies, Australia only allows the students who have their final board results before submitting their application.

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July Intake March – April Students who have completed grade XII and have the result can apply
February Intake October – November
previous year)
Students who have completed grade XII and have the result can apply

The requirements for the undergraduate degree for UWA are very straightforward. Students are required to submit their academic records, personal details, choice of course, English language proficiency proof, and a personal statement. For the students applying to competitive courses like the STEM, the Advanced Placement (AP) tests are not mandatory but can provide an advantage in the admission process.

A student must achieve a band of at least 6.5 in IELTS (whereas graduate schools require a 7.5 band), and a score above 82 in TOEFL (graduate schools require a score of 86 at least) accepted. Personal Statement is another crucial aspect of admission in the University of Western Australia, as it covers information about academic & non-academic activities, projects, leadership work, etc. Letters of Recommendation (LOR) aren’t required for undergraduate admission, but can be asked to submit one LOR if need be, on the basis of the chosen subject.

UWA does not ask for any extra-curricular activities, but these may be considered a plus on the application. So it is important for students to participate in relevant activities linked to their area of study. These experiences are extremely valuable while writing the statement of purpose and sometimes optional essay questions (students will be informed about it in the form).

The ATAR Equivalency

9 75
12 81
14 87
15 88
16 91
16.5 92
17.5 94
18 96
19 98
20 99
CDD 7 70
CCD 8 75
CCC 9 80
BCC 10 85
BBC 11 88
BBB 12 90
ABB 13 92
AAB 14 96
AAA 15 98
A*AA 16 99
A*A*A 17 99.5
A*A*A* 18 99.8
Indian School Certificate Average ATAR Equivalent
45 to 49 75
60 to 61 80
69 85
75 to 76 88
79 90
82 to 84 92
87 to 88 94
90 to 91 96
95 to 96 98
IB Score UWA ATAR Equivalent
24 75.45
26 80.90
28 85.40
30 90.00
32 92.35
33 94.00
34 95.00
35 95.85
36 97.00
38 98.15
40 99.00


For the international students acquiring the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or selection rank is not a prerequisite, unless a student is from IB Board. It is a selection mechanism that measures a student’s overall academic performance and achievements in relation to that of other applicants. But the international students are evaluated based on their grade XII final marks (where the scores are compared with the university’s ATAR equivalency for each course), a compelling statement of purpose, IELTS/TOEFL score, and any additional information the student may have provided like extracurricular activities, AP test results, etc. to increase their chances of admission.


UWA offers scholarships to high-achieving students or those who have secured excellent grades in school studies. These scholarships not only help the students to fight their financial hardships but also excel in their academics. Some of the University of Western Australia scholarships include:

  • Academic Excellence: These scholarships are awarded to both domestic and international students who come out with outstanding results in their academics.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: These equity scholarships provide opportunities to students experiencing educational disadvantages due to extreme financial conditions.
  • Leadership, Talent, and Social Impact: These scholarships have been created for the students who perform well in other activities like cultural events, sports and who have the drive to become influential leaders.

Top Scholarships-

Global Excellence Scholarship This scholarship is offered to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students across the globe who have received the admission offer letter from UWA. A$ 48K is awarded to the UG students, whereas A$ 24K is awarded to the PG students.
Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship The university offers the Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship to high-performing athletes, coaches and officials from across the globe who have received the admission offer letter from UWA. A$ 48K is awarded to the UG students, whereas A$ 24K is awarded to the PG students.
UWA International Student Award This aid helps to foster a diverse student community and enables more students from different nationalities to pursue their study and career goals with UWA. Eligible students are given fee reduction of A$5,000* per year for their 3 or 4 year degree course.


International students need to pay a non-refundable application processing fee of A$ 100 for the university’s application form, whereas the TISC online application form fee is A$ 80. UWA has an average of A$ 30K to 45K tuition fee per annum. The living cost is around A$ 22K to 24K. Students are also required to attain the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) as a Visa necessity, which costs approximately A$ 305 per year.

After the student has accepted admission to the university, they will receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) that will make the student eligible to study a course in Australia and apply for the student visa. Proof of funds, health cover/insurance (OSHC) and the online CoE code – an important part of the Australian student visa process – helps students to apply for visa easily.

The vast number of courses to choose from and getting great employment opportunities afterwards, really makes the whole process quite beneficial. If you follow the above steps and adhere to the guidelines, it will increase your chances of getting admitted to the University of Western Australia.

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