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Top Study Abroad Consultants

With every passing day Indian students are becoming more aware of the benefits of studying abroad – the zeal to achieve the best education possible, better career prospects post-graduation, and getting hands-on experience with the latest industry trends. Normally, most aspiring engineers dream of working in Silicon Valley, while the future finance gurus look forward to Wall Street. Studying the right courses at the right colleges is a crucial step to achieving this dream. The right college not only provides high quality education, but also provides a network of peers, alumni and professors that is crucial for long term success. It’s no wonder that there is intense competition for admissions to the top universities. In recent years the admission rates for top universities are between 3% – 10% for international applicants. This means that one of every approximately fifteen applicants is admitted.

Students who are successfully admitted to Ivy Leagues, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Stanford and other exclusive universities usually prepare for several years. Not only do they need to demonstrate strong academic performance, they need to have excellent co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Many universities also place substantial weightage on demonstrated leadership, sports, music or volunteering experience. Top UK universities like Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Imperial College also require students to appear for their entrance tests. On the other hand, most US universities require students to ace standardized tests like SAT or ACT. With so many variables to consider, students benefit immensely from the help of professional consultants who can help assess them, help choose the right subjects and shortlist the right universities based on the students’ performance and interests. In this article, we have looked at some of the top study abroad consultants with a strong track record in helping students get admitted to their dream university.   

Choosing the Right Admissions Consultants


The willingness to listen, a strong understanding of the student’s strengths and weaknesses and the patience to craft a suitable roadmap for the student are crucial traits for a good admissions consultant. They should be supportive and at the same time be capable of providing honest and constructive feedback. Additionally, the consultant should have strong knowledge of the different geographies and the universities their students are targeting. Their track record in terms of students admitted in the recent past to those universities is very important. This ensures that they understand the nuances for admissions to the target university and are able to guide the students appropriately.

1. Experience & Reputation

A company’s website and reviews usually serve as a good resource to evaluate their experience, success rate, and top admits; a good admission consultant will have strong references and testimonials from their past students. They invest time upfront in understanding the student’s academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and help shortlist the right set of colleges to apply to, and provide a clear roadmap for the students’ application journey. A reputable consultant never tries to dodge questions but provides information required to make informed decisions.


2. Use of Diagnostic Tools and Analytics 

 A common problem that students in class IX and X face is about choice of career and subjects in class XI. The best admissions consultants utilize various diagnostic tools like cognitive & psychometric assessments to understand the student’s abilities, behaviors and motivations. Along with the consultants past experience, these tools provide a scientific basis for assessing the student and developing the right roadmap for them.


3. Personalized Attention

Personalized attention from a high-quality mentor is a crucial part of preparation for admission to a top university. The student should be able to relate to and be inspired by the mentor. Additionally, every student is unique and it is important to craft a personalized roadmap for their success. Since most students start their journey in class IX or X, it is important to develop an initial longlist of universities and have the students aim high. With discipline and hardwork from the student and the regular tracking by the mentor the student is poised for success.

 4. One-Stop-Solution

The journey to a top-university requires focus on multiple fronts including school grades, performance in tests like AP, SAT, UCAT, HPAT (or other entrance tests for Oxbridge), writing research papers, participating in business plan competitions (maybe hackathons) and volunteering for a social cause. It also requires appearing for English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL and writing great personal essays.  A good consultant will have credible industry connections which can help align all these activities seamlessly under the guidance of strong mentors.


5. Strong Project Management Discipline

Given the large number of activities that a student has to manage along with the school and other demands on their time, it is crucial to use a good project management software. Most of the top consultants have good tools to keep the engagement on track. At any point of time, the consultant should be able to provide a status update for the student. How is she / he doing on various activities, have they completed their research paper, how was their performance on the last mock SAT and how are they progressing on their reading list? Having all these answers available at their fingertips also makes it easy for the parents to track the ongoing progress.

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We have collated a list of top Study Abroad Consultants in India and provided their detailed information below.

  • Scholarly
  • Crimson Education
  • TC Global
  • IDP
  • SI-UK
  • Viral Doshi Associates
  • Leap Scholar
  • KC Overseas
  • Apply Board



Scholarly is a European company with India offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. With comprehensive experience in overseas admissions and a disciplined counseling process, Scholarly helps students select their college major and geography that is best aligned with their goals. The sooner the student decides their objectives, the better the chances of success. Students who start working on their objective in class IX or X are able to better manage their time between studies, sports, music, research papers, advanced projects, community service, leadership experiences and good standardized test scores.

Scholarly helps students prepare for admission to top universities in US, Canada, UK and Europe and has successfully helped students navigate their admissions to Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Harvard University, Princeton, Caltech, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Cornell, Columbia, UC Berkeley and University of Southern California, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, Delft, Erasmus and Eindhoven among others. 

How Does Scholarly Work?

At the start of the engagement, Scholarly, in consultation with the student and their parents, creates a longlist of colleges aligned with the student’s goals. This provides an objective and a roadmap is developed for preparing for those colleges. Team Scholarly meets every student at least bi-weekly to track the progress. Notes of every meeting are sent to the students and parents. By the time students’ complete grade XI, a number of data points (grades, SAT, research papers) have been finalized and the team starts working with the students on their applications and admission essays.  High quality college essays require a lot of introspection, brainstorming and multiple iterations before getting finalized.

Scholarly also holds special sessions to discuss the deadlines of each geography a student is planning to apply to, what would be the right approach and completing all the necessary requirements for it in time. These are extensive sessions that cater to university specific nuances and any confusion the students may have.

Additional Profile-Building Services

Scholarly has collaborated with US universities and provides opportunities for research in various subjects under the guidance of full-time university professors.  The research program gives high school students a chance to demonstrate their passion and knowledge for their favorite subject and also a chance to earn college credits. Students learn to use the latest research tools, get access to a university library, attend live sessions with eminent professors, and an opportunity to publish their paper in an international journal.

Scholarly also provides classes for SAT, IELTS and AP preparation. Having the mentors as well as the instructors within the same company ensures focus on the student and a strong alignment with the student’s success.



Crimson Education is a global education company that offers personalized consulting and support services to students aiming to enhance their chances of getting accepted into top universities and colleges around the world. Crimson Education was founded in 2013 by three students, including CEO Jamie Beaton.

Their vision to equalize the university admissions playing field and having received some amazing admits like Princeton, Northwestern, Oxford, etc. They provide multiple services like admission support, standardized test prep, leadership development, mentoring etc.



TC Global helps simplify the study abroad process for students & parents. It was founded in 1995 by the Chopras Group, which has now become one of the largest consultancies in the country. Their platform enables students to study anywhere in the world in just a few steps, while powering education providers to market and recruit global students, at scale.

To create a comprehensive and collaborative ecosystem TC Global delivers a transformative experience to all its consumers and ensures that their work catalyzes the global citizens of tomorrow, today. They believe in student-interest, unconditionally, and provide numerous counseling sessions to fulfill the student’s requirements.



IDP is a global leader in international student placement and has a strong presence in India. They offer a range of services, including university selection, application assistance, and visa guidance. Their experienced counselors provide students with personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process, and their strong network of partnerships with universities around the world makes them a popular choice for students.

Their focused geographies are Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. IDP works on a free-counseling model and has a team of 1300+ counselors. They support its students with expert guidance in writing a compelling SOP, visa assistance, registration & preparation of IELTS/TOEFL, etc. They present themselves as a one stop solution for all necessary study abroad services.



SI-UK is a leading education consultancy that provides comprehensive support and guidance to students who want to study in the United Kingdom. Their team of experienced counselors offers personalized guidance on admission requirements, scholarships, and visa application processes that are handcrafted towards bagging admits in top UK universities.
While there are many agencies that provide support for all the colleges and universities around the globe, SI-UK envisioned deep diving into one territory to master it for providing spot-on solutions. Their services are of different categories like free services, premium services, Oxbridge services, boarding school, etc. And their visa consultant also helps with the complete visa process till the student is ready to attend college.



Established in 2003, Viral Doshi Associates is famous for its compelling personal essay ideas and writing style. It is an independent international education & career guidance boutique that believes in helping parents & students choose the right educational path. They provide well informed advice that works for students individually, and strongly believe in customer satisfaction.
It holds a prominent position in the heart of Mumbai, India, and also has a London, UK office to help the students worldwide. Their major service is career counseling to all age groups of people and not just students. VD Associates have professionals dedicated to selective services, making the overall process effortless.



Leap Scholar is yet another leading study abroad consultant, known for its counseling services and expertise in helping students achieve their academic and career goals outside their homeland. The process starts with evaluating the student’s profile and shortlisting colleges that fit their needs, followed by assistance in submitting applications, ultimately leading to VISA guidance and loans.
Their team of experienced study abroad consultants use a unique approach to counseling and works in partnership with student mentors to help students make informed decisions about their future.



KC Overseas envisions revolutionizing the Study Abroad Service Sector through innovative and personalized student services. Their goal is to create a unique experience that connects universities, recruiters, and students worldwide. At KC Overseas, their mission is to create an efficient and effective EdTech ecosystem that brings global education within reach.
They accomplish this through their high-tech online platform that combines the best of technology with a human touch. They strive to transcend international boundaries every day by assisting stakeholders in achieving and exceeding their business goals while leveraging their market reach and expertise.



ApplyBoard was established in 2015 with the aim of streamlining the process of studying abroad. Their platform connects international students, academic institutions, and recruitment partners, facilitating the search, application, and acceptance process. The three Basiri brothers – Martin, Meti, and Massi – founded ApplyBoard, which has since developed partnerships with over 1,700 primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions.
ApplyBoard currently collaborates with more than 10,000 recruitment partners to enhance campus diversity across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland.

Studying abroad broadens opinions, encourages personal & professional development, and increases employability. And to pick a perfect consultant is critical for a successful college experience and a smooth transfer. The consultants featured in this article have vast expertise from profile building to test prep and in some cases visa assistance.

Working with a consultant full-time can be a wholesome experience for not just the student but the entire family, and then to achieve an admit from your dream university would be worth the process. Indeed, there are a no. of consultants to choose from when it comes to college admissions and profile building. Our list of some top firms would help you save time and understand their services.

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