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Credit Course FAQs

1) Who is eligible to attend Allegheny College online credit courses?

Ans. This program is designed for students planning to pursue undergraduate studies in the USA. Students in grade XI, XII or first year of college are eligible for these courses. Final admission decision will depend upon your marks in grade X or XII. All admission decisions are solely at the discretion of the college.

2) What is a credit course?

Ans. A four-year undergraduate program in the US, typically requires a student to complete 120 credits. Students complete several different courses during these four years with most courses offering 2 – 4 credits. Normally, an undergraduate student completes 8 – 10 different courses in an academic year and earns around 30-32 credits.

3) Who will benefit from attending Allegheny College online credit courses?

Ans. All students that attend and successfully complete the courses will learn the subject matter as well as earn transferrable college credits from Allegheny College. Based on their performance and grades, the student may also receive Letters of Recommendation from the professor. The following students will benefit the most from these courses:
a. Students applying to US universities for undergraduate admissions will demonstrate the ability to understand and follow college courses. They will also interact with university professors and other ambitious students, thus gaining an experience of college education.
b. Students who have completed their grade XII, but are unable to travel (visa denial, COVID19 or not admitted to their dream university, etc.) can also earn college credits during their gap year. They can use these courses to improve their chances of getting admitted to their dream universities.

4) How are Allegheny College online credit courses different from other online programs?

Ans. The courses offered are directly from the Allegheny College curriculum. The classes are conducted by dedicated full-time Allegheny professors and lead to transfer credits from Allegheny College. The classes are delivered over live video and provide an opportunity to interact with the professors and other students. These credits from Allegheny College are widely recognized across the US. Effectively, the students will have the same learning objectives and credits as they would by attending Allegheny College physically but from the convenience of their home.

 5) What is a college transcript?

Ans. A transcript is an official document issued by University or College that describes a student’s academic achievement. Transcripts reflect courses attended, grades (A-F) obtained and credits earned.

6) How many credits will I earn after completing an online course?

Ans. The credits are indicated against individual courses. At this time, all of the courses being offered are four (4) credits. Allegheny College will provide an official transcript to validate your performance in the course.

7) Are the credits transferrable?

Ans. Yes. Upon successful completion of a course, participants will earn four undergraduate credits from Allegheny College. Allegheny College is fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Allegheny College credits are widely accepted by institutions across the US. Certain colleges may have limits on transfer credits accepted for freshman enrollment.

8) How much will I need to study to complete the online credit courses successfully?

Ans. The courses are challenging and will require a serious time commitment. There are 90 minutes of lectures, three days a week over a period of seven to eight weeks. The students will need to study daily and complete their assignments. Students will earn grades based on instructor evaluation of such things as exams, written assignments, and class participation throughout the course. Students that are willing to make a serious time commitment will gain meaningfully from the online credit courses.

9) Will I get admission to Allegheny college after completing the course?

Ans. Students who successfully complete the courses the summer before their senior year of high school (grade XII) and perform exceptionally well, will be offered early acceptance by Allegheny College. Applicants should also meet all requirements for undergraduate admission to Allegheny College. Students interested in pursuing this option should be prepared to submit their application to Allegheny College by the 1st of December.

10) Can I attend all courses?

Ans. Based on the current schedule, a student can attend a maximum of two courses (8 credits total) during a semester.

11) I wanted to attend the course on Computational Expression, but it seems seats are not available. Can you help ?

Ans. To ensure optimal learning experience for all the participants, the class sizes are limited. If you were unable to secure a seat in your favorite course, you may find value in one of the other courses. If you would like to learn more about the future offerings, please feel free to contact Studies@scholarly.co and please continue monitoring our site for any additional course offerings.
We expect to offer courses three times during a year, Spring Session (January – March), Summer Session (June – August) and Fall Session (September – November). You may be able to register for your favorite course in the next sessions.

12) What equipment do I need to participate in these classes?

Ans. You need a stable internet connection, a computer and a webcam. Students are required to attend classes from a quiet location to minimize disturbance and improve quality of learning. Assessments and exams need to be taken alone with microphone and camera switched on. We also suggest a backup internet connection (for example: mobile hotspot) to avoid any interruptions.

13) How are the classes conducted?

Ans. The classes are conducted in a live-online format. The instructor will be in a classroom, while all the students participate remotely through their computers and web cameras. The students will interact with and learn from the professor in real-time. Apart from the live classes, there will be self-studies and assignments to complete between classes.

14) How will learning objectives be established and tracked?

Ans. The content for each course is detailed in the respective pages. In the initial session, the instructor will provide an overview of learning objectives and syllabus for the course. The instructors will provide time for questions. Mid-way through the course there will be a feedback session to ensure that the course is on track.

15) How many students will attend each course?

Ans. To ensure high quality student experience, adequate learning and academic standards, each class will be limited to about 25 students. This class size provides the ability to engage with the professor and other students. Allegheny College wants to shortlist students with strong academic credentials who will benefit the most from attending these courses.

16) What happens if I miss a class?

Ans. We encourage you to attend all classes live. Participation in class and interacting with the professors are essential parts of learning. Professors maintain clear attendance policies. However, if for unavoidable reasons you are unable to attend a class, you will be able to access the recording for a limited period.

17) What documents are required with the application?

Ans. Students will need to provide and/or upload two documents:

(a) government issued age proof (passport, birth certificate etc.)


(b) marksheet X or XII (highest level completed)

18) Is there an entrance exam to get admission to the online credit courses?

Ans. None of these courses require an entrance exam. Allegheny College will consider your academic performance in relevant subjects to make the admission decision. Please also review the pages of the specific courses for additional details. Some courses like Calculus I and Physics I require a strong knowledge of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. You should be prepared for a telephonic interview with the admissions department to understand your interests, academic performance and future plans.

19) The course appears to be expensive.

Ans. An undergraduate student in the US earns about 30-32 credits in a year. The average international student spends more than $50,000 per year on tuition and living expenses. With our online credit courses, you earn four credits per course that are widely recognized across the USA.  In addition to differentiating your future application and helping you get admitted to your dream university, the credits earned may be offset against the credits required to complete your college education (dependent on the transfer credit policy of the college or university).

20) Is there an application fee to apply for the credit courses?

Ans. There is no application fee. Once an application is complete (application, government issued proof of age, marksheet with highest level completed), the college will evaluate your suitability for the courses and inform you of the results within 5 business days. Within 10 business days of acceptance decision, you need to pay in full for all courses that you plan to attend. In case the full payment is not received within this period the enrolment decision may be revoked.

21) How can I pay for the course?

Ans. Upon acceptance by college, the student will be notified of their login credentials to the college portal and will be provided with a temporary PIN. All fees will be paid by credit card to the college through the student’s account on the portal. A copy of the admission letter for the online courses will also be available in the portal. Within 10 business days of acceptance decision, you need to pay in full for all courses that you plan to attend. In case the full payment is not received within this period the enrolment decision may be revoked.