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Research Paper FAQs

1) Who can apply for this program?

Ans. Students who have appeared for grade 9 exams or have completed grade 9, can apply for this program.

2) Are any prerequisites or prior knowledge required to participate in the research program?

Ans. Most of our students engage in structured research for the first time through this program. The instructors understand that the students are currently in high school and help in selecting topics that are suitable based on students’ knowledge. 

 For subjects like Computer Science and AI & ML, prior knowledge of Python and/or C is recommended. A reasonable understanding of the topic is suggested for a meaningful research experience for other subjects (Physics, Biology, Economics, Environmental Science, Psychology, etc.). 

Since the mentors work with the students on a one-on-one basis, they can tailor the difficulty level based on the student.

3) I have a topic(s) in mind, can I research it?

Ans. Absolutely! We encourage students to mention their preferred topics during registration and discuss them with their mentors for guidance. The mentors will help you determine the scope of your research as well as the suitable methodology.

4) I’m trying to decide whether to choose Physics or Computer Science. Can Scholarly assist me in making this decision?

Ans. Yes, our team can provide guidance and assistance in choosing the right subject for you.

 5) What is the duration of the program?

Ans. The program spans over 10 weeks with one class conducted per week.

6) How much time will I need to spend every week on the research project?

Ans. We recommend that students spend at least 4-5 hours a week on their research. This will allow you to be well prepared for the meetings with your mentor and help realize the best possible value from the program. Keep in mind that for any academic pursuit, ultimately your efforts and hard work determine the quality.

7) Will I be conducting primary research or secondary research?

Ans. Excellent question. Our students have pursued primary research, secondary research and even built devices/models as a part of their projects. The answer will depend on your topic, if research facilities are available to you and the amount of time you have available. Please provide information about your interests and objectives in the application form and our team will guide you accordingly.

8) How are research mentors selected, and what qualifications do they have?

Ans. Our mentors have completed or are pursuing their Ph.D.s from leading institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE, Harvard, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon etc. They specialize in advanced fields like Quantum Mechanics, Superconductivity, High-Speed Propulsion, Aerospace Engineering,  Applied Microeconomics, Developmental Economics, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Oncology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, AI & ML and Data Science.

Once we understand the students’ research interests, we match them with a suitable mentor who can help them understand the topic and come up with a high-quality research paper.

9) How will the sessions with my mentor be scheduled?

Ans. Meetings will be scheduled via Google Meet. We encourage keeping the same slot for each week. This allows the students as well as the mentors to plan their schedules better. In case a meeting must be moved due to unavoidable reasons please provide a timely notice to the mentor.

10) Can I publish my research after the program?

Ans. Yes, you can. Our team will provide guidance on suitable journals for publication, considering factors like the topic and conducive timelines as per your schedule.

In 2023, more than 30 of our students published their research papers in different journals.

11) Will I receive a letter of recommendation from my mentor?

Ans. While a LOR is not guaranteed, it may be provided based on factors such as the quality of research, class interaction, rapport with the mentor, etc. Most of our students come up with a good project and build good relationships with their mentors and have received letters of recommendation.

12) How does participation in the research program enhance a student’s college or university application?

Ans. Engaging in research demonstrates a student’s passion and eagerness to delve deeper into a subject. Publishing a research paper further validates their academic achievements and can set them apart in college applications. Many of our successful students have cited research papers as a significant activity in their admission applications.

13) I’m available only on weekends, can I apply?

Ans. Yes, you can work with your mentor even on weekends. Once we have identified a suitable mentor, a discussion is conducted with the student to determine the topic, the scope of research and the schedule.