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Get Admitted to your Dream University – Queensland University

The University of Queensland (UQ or Queensland University) Australia is a public institution that was established in 1909. It is located primarily in Brisbane, Australia, the capital of Queensland. Ranked in the world’s top 50, and part of “Group of Eight” or “Go8“, The Queensland University  is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions. The university has six main academic divisions:

  1. Business, Economics and Law
  2. Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
  3. Health and Behavioral Sciences
  4. Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  6. Science

The University has three main campuses:

  • St Lucia – Situated on 114 hectares of Brisbane River-bound land, Queensland University main campus is a vibrant mix of majestic sandstone buildings and contemporary architecture, landscaped gardens and lakes.
  • Gatton – On this sprawling campus, which dates back to 1897, you’ll find teaching and research facilities in agricultural, environmental and veterinary sciences. It’s also a working farm, with more than 1000 hectares of grazing units, as well as post-harvest facilities and greenhouses. Gatton’s facilities sit against a backdrop of homesteads, sporting amenities, and community fruit and vegetable gardens.
  • Herston – It is Queensland University core campus for clinical health teaching and research. It is also home to Queensland University Medicine and Public Health schools, the UQ Centre for Clinical Research, Oral Health Centre, and the research activities of the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

Queensland University Mission

The Queensland University’s core purpose is to deliver for the public good through excellence in education, research and engagement with its communities and partners: local, national and global.

To study in Queensland University students should:

International students need to apply individually to Queensland University. They need to pay a A$100 application fee .

As an international student you will generally be selected on the basis of your performance in one of the following completed in 2022 (ie your ATAR or equivalent):

  • Australian Year 12 qualification (either outside or in Australia)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma


  • The UCAT ANZ is a compulsory entry requirement for the Australia and New Zealand Consortium Universities. Queensland University is one of the universities that require UCAT exam for entry to their Medical Science and Dental Science.
  • For entry into Provisional Medicine, the aggregate of the first 4 section scores in the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is considered. Applicants with the same aggregate score are ranked by their UCAT ANZ section 5 score. If this score is also the same, the UCAT ANZ section 1 score is used.
  • For entry into the Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours), the aggregate score from all 5 sections of the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is the first selection criteria. Applicants with the same aggregate score are ranked by their UCAT ANZ section 5 score. If this score is also the same, the UCAT ANZ section 1 score is used.

A. Admission Requirements

At a minimum, all applicants must meet program-specific academic/non-academic requirements, and English language requirements. Admission to Queensland University programs are quite competitive with several students applying for each seat. Therefore, meeting all admission requirements does not guarantee entry into the program.

STREAM CBSE/ICSE (%) IB (out of 45) GCE A and AS Levels (out of 17) PRE REQUISITES
Architecture 72.5 32 11 General English subject.
Business 70 28 7.5 General English subject and one of General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics.
Commerce 70 31 10.5 Mathematical Methods.
Computer Science 72.5 32 11 General English subject, Mathematical Methods. Specialist Mathematics is recommended.
Economics 70 31 10.5 General English subject, Mathematical Methods.
Engineering 72.5 32 11

General English subject, Mathematical Methods and one of Chemistry or Physics.

Studying Specialist Mathematics and both Chemistry and Physics is recommended.

Law 97 41 13 General English subject.
Biomedical Sciences 70 31 10.5 General English subject, Mathematical Methods and one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

B. English Language Requirement

English Language proficiency tests are an essential requirement for international students planning to study in Queensland University.

Overall 6.5; reading 6; writing 6; speaking 6; listening 6. Overall 87, listening 19, reading 19, writing 21 and speaking 19. Overall 570, listening 54, reading 54, writing 59/5. Overall Score of 64 and 60 in all sub bands.

C. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

It is a crucial part of the application in which students describe their interest in the chosen field of study, their activities and their future plans. Especially in competitive courses like STEM where several students may be competing for admissions to limited seats, the SOP provides valuable insights into the students’ thought process and motivations. While evaluating good students with strong academic performance and comparative GPA, the SOP provides a good way to differentiate between them.

It needs to be unique, explaining their experiences, aspirations, motivation for studying a particular course and a short narrative of their lives beyond academics. SOP for Australian universities like  Queensland University are majorly focused on the field of study. The students need to show enthusiasm in their chosen course and how they can make a revolutionary transformation in that subject/area. Letters of recommendation (LoR) aren’t required for undergraduate admissions, but you can be asked to submit 1 LoR if need be on the basis of the chosen subject.

D. Extra Curricular

International students with exemplary extracurricular performance will stand a greater chance at receiving a merit based scholarship.These activities include:

  • Leadership potential
  • Community service and/or engagement.
  • Capacity and willingness to actively participate in, and positively contribute to, co-curricular activities at UQ.

E. Scholarships For International Students

There are many scholarships available for international students at Queensland University. These scholarships are based on Academic Excellence, Financial Needs, Diversity, Creative Excellence etc.

Destination Australia Scholarship Agriculture and animal sciences, Science and mathematics Academic excellence, Experiences and employability, Financial hardship, Rural or remote AUD $15,000 per year
  • a personal statement (limit 300 words).
  • eligibility under the program guidelines
  • academic merit
Howard and Gladys Sleath Scholarship Arts, humanities and social sciences Creative excellence Equal to the annual income from the fund. This scholarship is awarded to the applicant showing greatest merit as demonstrated by audition.
International High Achievers Scholarship All study areas Academic excellence $10,000
  • academic performance
  • any other information that the awarding committee considers relevant.
UQ International Excellence Scholarship All study areas Academic excellence 25% reduction in tuition fees per semester
  • academic merit
  • any other information that the awarding committee considers relevant.
EAIT International Award- Year 12 Architecture, design and urban planning, Computer science and IT, Engineering Academic excellence, Diversity $10,000
  • Academic achievement
  • Your personal statement
Science International Scholarships Agriculture and animal sciences, Engineering, Environment, Health and medicine, Science and mathematics Academic excellence May vary
  • Academic performance
  • Capacity to create change and contribute to science (based on the personal statement submitted as part of the Science International Scholarship application).
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarship All study areas Academic excellence $9,000
  • evidence of academic achievement in courses undertaken in Year 12 and/or in an approved program
  • quality of the short video and essay
  • Evidence of outstanding extra-curricular activities.
Business, Economics and Law- Global Leaders Scholarships Business and Economics, Law Academic excellence 15% to 100% tuition fee reduction
  • your academic achievements
  • your personal and career goals.
UQ Economics India, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam Scholarship Business and Economics Academic excellence Up to 50% of tuition fees only
  • your resume
  • a reference letter in English from a teacher at your institution, or from an employer, that ranks your academic performance against your peer group
  • a personal statement about why you wish to study this program at UQ – your career and personal goals, and what you’ve done in the past that shows your commitment to these goals.
Calboonya Legacy Information Technology and Computer Science Scholarship Computer science and IT Academic excellence At least $4,500
  • a cover letter
  • your resume
  • a copy of your recent Year 12 report or a copy of your unofficial academic transcript
  • evidence of financial hardship such as: family income etc.


Queensland University has two semesters. This is divided into Semester 1 and Semester 2. The table below shows when the classes at the Queensland University will commence –

  • Semester 1 classes commence in February.
  • Semester 2 classes commence in July.

Students who have completed their grade 12 and wish to commence their studies at Queensland University in February should apply during October/ November of the prior year.

Make sure you submit your application by the closing date:

July Intake March – April Students who have completed grade XII and have the result can apply
February Intake October – November
(previous year)
Students who have completed grade XII and have the result can apply

There are several benefits of studying at Queensland University such as its global reputation, excellent teachers, quality programs, world class infrastructure, vast alumni network, state-of-the-art research facilities.

Following the guidelines above will help you present your best self to Queensland University and maximize your admission chances.


About the Author: 

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