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Involvement with environment and social issues is crucial to developing a well-rounded profile

An understanding of one’s environment and the ability to apply classroom learnings to real life is probably the most important skill a person can learn. Most people complete their careers and retire without ever acquiring this skill. Only a few manage to break this mould, see the problems around them, and come up with solutions. 

Given the changing times, environmental concerns, and percolation of technology in our daily lives, learning needs to stretch beyond classrooms. There is a dire need for visionary leaders who have the foresight to innovate, transform, and visualise solutions to bring about a positive social and economic transformation in society. While grades are important, the most successful students also take an active interest in things going on in the real-world around them. Consider these examples.

Hridanshu Khandelwal joined hands with his classmates in Class 11 to raise funds for the underprivileged. His online NGO ‘Project Solicare’ raised a substantial amount of money for ‘Covid Care’ kits. When in Class 10, Saanvi Singla, who had a love for art and the environment, came with the idea of designing ceramic planters, as an eco-friendly substitute for plastic pots in homes and offices. This shows that students can help make the world a better place, if they are empowered to believe they can make a difference.

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The right time

Now the big question is: when is the right time to educate and inspire these young minds? Parents, teachers and mentors can use age-appropriate books, projects, and research initiatives to raise and nurture future leaders. The gain is two-fold: first, it fosters leaders and thinkers to act in society’s interest and, second, helps students build a well-rounded and holistic profile.

Gaining experience outside one’s field of interest is extremely crucial for success in personal and professional life. Skills such as adaptability, time management, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and communication, imbibed through continuous engagement in community service and outreach programmes, are extremely useful while applying for college admissions abroad. Extracurricular activities are a great way to differentiate one’s profile, illustrate college readiness, and demonstrate values and goals. A positive transformation comes when education is used for the development of society – nationally and internationally. For example, a student who aims to be a doctor can volunteer at an orphanage or old age home. An aspiring software engineer can develop a way or volunteer to teach the less fortunate.

This article has been published in The Hindu – https://www.thehindu.com/education/how-is-involvement-with-environmental-and-social-issues-to-developing-a-well-rounded-profile/article65143631.ece


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