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Why Should I Study Abroad

Benefits of US Liberal Arts education

The US Universities have attracted many students in the past few decades, especially international students. US schools and colleges allow for invaluable academic as well as personal growth. Moreover, the opportunities for further employment are limitless. So, what makes US education so appealing?

#1 Worldwide Recognition and Advanced Education

The US has some of the best-ranked colleges in the world. They have high academic standards and the rigorous requirement that makes their curriculum worth all the travel. The curriculum also changes according to latest advancements and more than rote learning the focus is on understanding the concept. Moreover, the classrooms are optimized such that one gets the best possible experience. Take covid for example- all universities made a smooth transition to online schooling. All students were provided with the necessary resources to make the most of their college experience.

#2 Flexibility

US colleges allow you to explore a variety of fields. You can take a class in any subject and figure out your major based on your preference. The kind of classes offered is unique and intriguing. And the best thing about this flexibility –  You don’t need to graduate college with your intended major. Moreover, you can also graduate with more than one degree- it is very common for people to pursue double major.

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#3 Campus Life

Student life at every university is very engaging. Be it campus towns or cities, every university has events that enable you to socialize with students from different backgrounds. There are many ways to involve yourself with the larger student body like organizations, fraternities, sororities, and various social events organized by different communities. Campuses offer a variety of facilities so that students can unwind outside of classes and have fun.

#4 Career Opportunities

US universities attempt their best to allow international students to pursue a wonderful career after they graduate. Universities have job fairs and information sessions where employers from various companies come and interact with the students. Moreover, a STEM degree allows students to get work experience by extending their stay. International students are also allowed to find on-campus jobs, enabling them to earn money while studying. There is also a wide range of research opportunities. Students can work with their professors and get the best out of their education.