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Standardized Tests…
Refer to testing that is consistent across all the candidates in terms of questions, allotted time, scoring criteria etc. This may include multiple choice format, true false questions, short answer questions, essay questions, or a mix of question types.
Why are these used?
Students from different geographies, education systems and curriculum apply for a limited number of positions in elite universities A common test based upon the topics that all students have studied, provides an objective comparison.
SAT and ACT…
The most common standardized tests used by Universities across the world for Undergraduate Admissions are SAT and ACT. Both of these test students in English and Math, while ACT also tests students in Science.
SAT is scored from 400-1600, with an average score of 1050. ACT is scored from 1-36 with an average score of around 21. Higher scores are better and may improve admission and scholarship opportunity.

How should I prepare?

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Self Assessment…
The first step to prepare for any test is to know where you stand, identify your strengths and weaknesses and prioritize your efforts accordingly. Additionally, it is crucial to track your improvement and adjust your time commitment accordingly.
Diagnostic Test
Our Free Diagnostic Test provides a detailed analysis of your current standing and section wise break up of your performance. Based on your performance, our AI enabled platform recommends a ‘customized study plan’.
Practice, Practice and Practice
High Volume - 10K+ questions, 20+ mocks
Variety - 400+ topic wise worksheets, 250+ video lessons
Engagement - Live topic wise and doubt clearing sessions with the best tutors from around the world
Maximize Your Score
The Insight Feature - Our AI enabled platform guides you through the program allotting questions, recommending topics and much more
Build habits that stick - Through our convenient and user friendly platform
Community of Achievers - Get feedback from mentors and interact with other successful students

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