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Tanishka Khanduja


I studied Cognitive Psychology in Fall 2020 under Professor Aimee Knupsky. I plan to major in Neuroscience along with a Creative Writing minor while pursuing a pre-medical track in college. At school, I am a writer for an organization called Psych(ed) which aims to destigmatize mental illnesses. I had not seen many options for high school students desirous of pursuing neuroscience to get exposure to college level curriculum. As such, I was thrilled when I came across the Cognitive Psychology course in August 2020. Professor Knupsky is an excellent instructor and made the classes very interesting. We learnt about several mental processes including attention, perception, memory, language and problem solving. We also covered cognitive strengths, such as creativity and expertise, and weaknesses such as biases and mindlessness. This course helped firm up my thoughts about the choice of major as well as gave me exposure to college level curriculum while still in high school.


I really enjoyed doing the Cognitive Psychology course and would recommend this to students interested in business or pre-medical track in college.


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