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Raghav Dadhich


My favourite subject is Economics, in which I plan to do my college majors. I enrolled for the Introduction to College Level Research Course in Economics in Summer 2021, under Prof. Michael Michaelides. My main objective was to see how the concepts that we learn in textbooks are applied in real life and to work directly with a university professor.


The course was fascinating and taught extremely well. Prof. Michaelides was very supportive and did not hesitate to answer each and every question that I raised. All the classes were followed by very informative discussions. Subsequently, in Fall 2021, I enrolled for research in Psychology under Prof. Aimee Knupsky. It was useful for me to understand human decision making and the unconscious biases that affect rational decision making. The experience of working under Prof. Knupsky was amazing. These research papers helped me understand my interests better and how my favourite subjects are taught in college. The relationships that I built with the professors and my classmates are valuable to me.


I strongly recommend Scholarly to students that are interested in studying at top universities and are looking for guidance with their profile building and overall preparation.


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