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Mehul Jangir


My favorite subjects are Computer Science, Astrophysics and Math. Astrophysics or astronomy courses are normally available only in college. In Summer 2020, I enrolled for a credit course – Foundations of Astronomy with Scholarly. The course was conducted by Professor Jamie Lombardi who is a renowned professor in this field. The classes were well structured and covered the big bang theory, gravity, celestial timekeeping, orbits, light, the birth and evolution of stars, black holes and other compact objects, dark matter and dark energy. As a part of the coursework, I also wrote a research paper that was endorsed by the professor and subsequently published. I scored highly in the course and have developed a mentor in Professor Lombardi. Scholarly’s course provided me with substantial learning as well as a firsthand experience of undergraduate studies in USA. Enrolling for an actual college course while still in high school has helped me better understand the expectations from students, the pace of study and how to engage with the professors.


The overall experience has helped improve my college readiness. I would recommend the credit courses to students that are interested in learning and going the extra mile to differentiate themselves.


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