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Bill Erbey

(Board Member)

Bill Erbey is a successful serial entrepreneur, investor and a retired public company Chairman/CEO. He is passionate about solving big problems and finding better ways of doing things. Over a period of four decades, Bill founded and scaled up companies in diverse industries, ranging from loan servicing, real estate services, mortgage services to online real estate sales and video broadcasting technology. While the industries Bill has operated in are diverse, the common theme is always about use of innovative technology to serve a large and inefficient market. Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Allegheny College and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University.Bill started his career with General Electric in 1975, continuing to serve there in various capacities till 1983. In his last role he was the President and Chief Operating Officer of General Electric Mortgage Insurance Corporation. Bill also served as the Program General Manager of GECC’s Commercial Financial Services Department and as the President of Acquisition Funding Corporation.
Bill served as a Managing General Partner of The Oxford Financial Group, a private investment partnership from 1983 to 1995. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Ocwen Financial Corporation (NYSE : OCN) a leading sub-prime servicer from 1988 to 2010 and served as the Executive Chairman of its Board of Directors, from 1996 to 2015. Bill has also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for several other public companies, Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. (NASDAQ : ASPS), Home Loan Servicing Solutions, Ltd., Front Yard Residential Corporation (NYSE : RESI) and Altisource Asset Management Corporation (NYSE : AAMC).