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How to Sail Through Undergraduate Years with Ease!

Choose your AP courses strategically

Every student going to start college has a perspective of it being extremely hard and that succeeding in college requires utmost concentration and determination. This expectation from college makes work/life harder than it is supposed to be. Yes, college is not a breeze and requires work. Nevertheless, there are ways that every student can make the most out of their college experience and get faster results without overburdening themselves.

Reach Out to Professors: One cannot stress enough about the importance of creating a good rapport with your professors. Every professor wants their students to succeed in their class and life. They are more than willing to help students out in the best way they can. Many students are hesitant to reach out or share their problems thinking they will not receive any help and create a negative impression or annoy the professors. Professors have experience in helping students and usually have experienced some other student facing the same problem before. So, contact, connect and communicate.

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Group Study: In college, every student is sailing on the same boat and traveling towards similar goals. Group study sessions have been a lifesaver for me during my time in college as studying/working alongside your peers not only clears your doubts and problems but also solidifies important concepts. While you are explaining someone a concept, you strengthen your basics about the concepts which help you and your group together. Moreover, by collaborating with classmates from different nations and cultures, you will get exposed to diverse perspectives which in turn will develop your critical thinking. To sum up, begin a study group with enthusiastic classmates and witness the wonderful effect it will have on your overall learning process.

Take Time Off: As much as students think, college/university is not a rat race. One does not need to be constantly working as it could lead to exhaustion and less productivity. There will be umpteen times when your brain is saturated and studying/working more would lead to nothing beneficial. At these times, one should take time off and give their brains a little rest. There is no harm in spending a few hours with your friends, watching a movie, or going out for a nice meal.

Student Clubs/Organizations: Finding a set of friends with similar interests and goals might seem difficult in college. Student clubs and organizations make finding your community easier than finding a class on the first day of school on a big campus. Students can enroll in clubs that match their extracurricular interests (theatre, music, sports, community service), become members of organizations focused on career goals (Investment Clubs, Consulting Clubs, Production Clubs), and join groups focused on the background (Asian Pacific Community, Hispanic Community, Indian Organization). Once you have found a set of friends with similar interests and goals, college is one smooth sail! 


About the Author: 

Aryan Ahuja is a sophomore at the University of Southern California (USC). He is majoring in Economics with a Double Minor in Applied Analytics and Business Finance. At USC, he is the recipient of the India country scholarship and is involved in several finance and investment clubs. He is a theatre and sports enthusiast and has been training in both for several years. He loves meeting and speaking to people from different backgrounds, cultures and stories.

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